Direct Teacher Intervention & Eliminating Backtalk

1. The teacher has the right and a professional obligation, to act when students are behaving in ways that interfere with the rights of others to learn or in ways that are self destructive.

2. It is imprtant to clearly and firmly communicate the behavioral expectations and the consequences if theyare not followed. Behavior is a matter of choiceand the students know what is expected of them.

3. When the student decides to balktalk, it is the teachers job to stay cool and not to respond immediately. It is crucial to take two relaxing breaths and wait.

Dealing with Typical Classroom Crises

According to Jones a small backup system lets the students who are 'really pushing it' know that they are about to cross the line and that it can be costly. The small backup responses are an extention of setting limits because once the teacher has identifed the 'repeater' the teacher can 'nip the problem in the bud,' without embarrassing the student. It lets the student know that 'no means no,' just as setting boundaries that are not to be crossed.

As with meaning business, working the crowd provides camouflage that allows the backup system to be invisible, allowing the teacher to apply corrective feedback. Examples of backup system options are: Pre-warnings that communicate that 'enough is enough,' warnings with describe consequences, card pulling of student information, a note in the grade book regarding behavior, a letter on student's desk to parent, letting them know you will be calling, and thanking them for their cooperation, and/or removing what ever is tempting the student to misbehave. or send the student to a (discipline teacher) room to work.

The three stages of the backup system becomes more expensive for everyone involved, starting small and private to medium and public with classroom, to large, which requires the involvement of professionals. (Jones pg. 310)


"I personally guarantee his safety. If I do not bring him back to you, then let me bear the blame forever." Genesis 43:9 (NLT)

The relevance to the scripture is It builds leadership abilities, confidence, respect, and most of all it pleases God.