Praise, Prompt, and Leave

Praise, prompt, and leave is a concept that allows the teacher to get to all students. This strategy is used during guided instruction and independent practice.

Praise, prompt, and leave is when a teacher first, takes one relaxing breath to calm down and releases the natural fight or flight response before speaking with the student. Next, the teacher takes another relaxing breath while assessing the positive in the circumstances, answering, "what has the student done right, so far?' Then, asks, "What do I want the student to do nest?" This is when the teacher comes to the desk and gives a verbal praise, then a verbal prompt, and then leaves immediately and goes to the next student. This process takes approximtately 10-15 seconds for each student. This activity allows time to speak to each student in the class and to comment on what the student is doing right.

Modeling Praise, Prompt, and Leave


1. Breathe: To Relax.

2. Breathe again: To find what's right.

3. Praise: A simple declararive sentence.

4. Prompt: The next thing to do is.........

5. Leave: Shut up and leave.


"Lazy people are soon poor; hard workers get rich." Proverbs 10:4 (NLT)

The relevance of the scripure is students who are hard workers are rich with success.